Committee Members

All our members are volunteers.

At the second AGM in July 2017 the following members were elected to the committee:

Chair:  Charlotte Lamont
Charlotte is a local parent whose kids have regularly used Coram’s Fields over the years. Until 2016 Charlotte was the chair of Christopher Hatton Parents Association (CHAPS), which has overseen a remarkable fundraising effort for the redevelopment of the Christopher Hatton school playground. 

Secretary: Dr Snezana Pejic (since 2016)
Snezana is a local parent who has lived in the immediate vicinity of Coram’s for close to twenty years. Her three boys, now 17, 14 and 8, have grown up in Coram’s Fields, and still use it regularly to spend time and meet friends. Snezana and her family feel grateful for the existence of Coram’s – they know its importance for all the local families. They often like to say that “we live here because of Coram’s Fields”.

Treasurer: Starr Mclean
Starr is a young local parent with three children all under the age of nine. There are many years ahead of for Starr and her family, using Coram’s Fields! Starr is committed to improving standards of safety, safeguarding and maintenance and improving Coram’s Fields, as well as building a strong relationship between Coram’s and local users.

Committee Members:

Fionuala Pender, Caitriona Row,
Tessa Larner, Maisie Rowe,
Daniel Zylbersztajn, Veljko Zizic

Chair (2016/17): Daniel Zylbersztajn
Daniel is an international journalist, working on British related topics for German based newspapers. As a local parent Daniel has spent many a happy day with his daughter in Coram’s Fields. He has developed a strong passion for it, as well as desire to help it improve. Daniel was one of the early initiators of the founding of the Coram’s Fields User Group and its first Chair.


The original founding members and steering committee (October 2015-June 2016) consisted :

Daniel Zylbersztajn (chair 2016/17),  Judit Izquierdo (later treasurer 2016/17), Tessa Larner, Maisie Rowe, Veljko Zizic, Charlotte Lamont, Joanne Morgan, Abjal Afrus.