Committee Members

All our members are volunteers.


The agreed Nominees for the current officers are as follows:
CHAIR: Charlie Hyman, VICE CHAIR: Suzanne Granfar, SECRETARY: Veljko Zizic,
TREASURER: Starr Maclean, COMMITTEE: Marianna Segato, Daniel Zylberstein, Dr
Julian Fulbrook, Dr Snezana Pejic

The selection is to be confirmed in Early March 2020, subject to vote and general meeting


The original founding members and steering committee (October 2015-June 2016) consisted :

Daniel Zylbersztajn (chair 2016/17),  Judit Izquierdo (later treasurer 2016/17), Tessa Larner, Maisie Rowe, Veljko Zizic, Charlotte Lamont, Joanne Morgan, Abjal Afrus.