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Coram’s Fields User Group documents:

CFUG Constitution documents:

  1. Coram’s Fields User Group Constitution – Constitution
  2. Terms of Reference: CFUG – Coram’s Fields – TOR-CORAMS-FEB17


  1. Visit to Princess Diana Memorial Park: Princess Diana Park Visit
  2. Alex Zika: Creative Outdoor Play (AGM 2016) – Link

Key Coram’s Fields Documents:

  1. Trust Deed (1935) – Trust_Deed
  2. Articles of Association (2014) – Coram_s Fields Company – Constitution
  3. Financial Documents: Charity Commission Page

Significant websites and sources:
Thomas Coram on Wikipedia:
Coram’s Fields:
Old Coram’s Association:
Coram Foundation:
Coram’s Fields on Wikipedia:
Coram’s Fields User Group on Wikipedia:
Historic England:

Reading list about Thomas Coram and the Foundling Hospital – Books
(by Rhian Harris, Curator of the Foundling Museum,

  • Britons: Forging the Nation 1707-1837 by Linda Colley (Yale University Press, New Haven & London, 1992)
  • Thomas Coram: Churchman, Empire Builder and Philanthropist by Herbert Fuller Bright Compston (1918)
  • Thomas Coram: Projector of Two Georgias and Father of the Foundling Hospital by HB Fant (The Georgia Historical Quarterly 32, 1948)
  • Coram Boy by Gavin, Jamilla (Mammoth 2000)
  • Enlightened Self-interest: The Foundling Hospital and Hogarth by Rhian Harris and edited by Robin Simon (Draig Press, London 1997)
  • Thomas Coram in Boston and Taunton by Hamilton Andrews Hill (Worcester, Mass. 1892)
  • Survey of London: King’s Cross Neighbourhood by London County Council (vol. xxiv, part iv 1952)
  • The London Foundling Hospital in the Eighteenth Century by Ruth McClure (Yale, New Haven 1981)
  • Charles Half and Half: The Memoirs of a Charity Brat 1908-1989 by Nalden (Moana Press, New Zealand 1990)
  • Treasures of the Foundling Hospital by Benedict Nicholson (Clarendon Press 1972)
    The History of the Foundling Hospital by RH Nicols and FA Wray (Oxford University Press 1935)
  • English Society in the Eighteenth Century by Roy Porter (Penguin, London 1982)
    Notebooks by George Vertue (Walpole Society, London 1933-34)

Videos about Coram’s Fields and the Foundling Hospital:

– Opening of the Foundling Site Playground 1935 – Video with a speech by the Queen Elisabeth the Queen Mother on the Foundling Park Opening (on 1m 35sec): or on
– Opening of the Foundling Site Playground 1935
– Prince Henry Duke of Gloucester at the Foundling Museum 1921:
– Bloomsbury and the view of Coram’s Fields:

User’s about Coram’s Fields

Time Out: User reviews of Coram’s Fields


  • CFUG Meeting Minutes: Minuted CFUG Committee meetings.
  • CFUG – Coram’s Meetings: Minuted meetings with Coram’s Trustee and CEO.
  • CFUG Newsletter: Emailed updates for all CFUG members (separate page).
  • CFUG Annual report/Chair’s Annual report – Prepared for the AGM every year.
  • Other CFUG: Constitution, Special reports, 3rd party visits, Photos and videos.

Meeting Minutes – CFUG:

  1. December 2017: Meeting minutes
  2. November 2017: Agenda
  3. September 2017: Meeting minutes

Meetings with Coram’s Fields:

  1. September 2017 – Meeting minutes
  2. June 2017 – Meeting Minutes
  3. November 2016: Terms of Reference meeting – Minutes 20161101
  4. October 2016: Update meeting – Agenda and Minutes 20161028
  5. July 2016: First meeting – Minutes 20160714

CFUG Annual reports:

  1. Annual General Meeting report 2017: Link
  2. Annual General Meeting report 2016: Link
  3. Chair’s Report 2016 – Link