Aims and mission statement

Coram’s Fields User Group (also “User Group” or “CFUG”) represents the views and interests of park users in the decision-making process relating to Coram’s Fields, including parents, carers, children, young people, visitors and neighbours.

We seek to work in partnership with the board of trustees, managers and staff of
Coram’s Fields and the wider park community to achieve the betterment of
Coram’s Fields.

The User Group engages with park users in a representative and democratic manner, without distinction of colour, religion, gender, age, ability or sexuality.

The User Group takes an active role in the ongoing process to redevelop Coram’s Fields and secure for it a sustainable future as a world-class play facility. It promotes the cultural, educational, historical and environmental importance of the park.

The User Group promotes the exercise of parents’, carers’, children and youth rights and
responsibilities in Coram’s Fields.

Extract from the CFUG Constitution: MISSION STATEMENT

Coram’s Fields User Group is a not-for-profit voluntary organisation that exists to:

1. Protect, conserve and enhance Coram’s Fields as a place of freedom,
recreation and enjoyment for the benefit of local children, without distinction
of colour, religion, gender, age, ability or sexuality.

2. Support strategies that seek the improvement of Coram’s Fields, in order to
secure for it a successful and sustainable future.

3. Ensure that Coram’s Fields is managed and maintained in a way that serves
the interests of its child and youth users.

4. Promote and advocate the child’s right to play at Coram’s Fields.