Inaugural AGM

Coram’s Fields User Group will have its inaugural AGM
on Sunday 19th of June, 17.45-19.30 at Guide Hall, Coram’s Fields.

Agenda includes elections of honourees, constitution, and a guest talk by Alexander Zika, who designed creative engagement programmes for schools, cultural organisations and the 3rd sector on the theme of

Creative Play Outdoors. A Way to explore the possible for Children and those who look after them.”

Coram’s Fields User Group (CFUG) is the result of six months of intense meetings by engaged parents of children who play at Coram’s Fields, as a way to making parents and users views more heard ( following issues a.o. raised in CNJ).

On consultation with other parents, the majority requested a constructive and positive way of working with Coram’s Fields Management. This is when the idea of an independent user group was born.

The group has already had two constructive meetings with board members and the board and CEO of Coram’s Fields, who  are in agreement that this is a good thing. The meeting on Sunday the 19th will represent the official launching point of the group, after which it is hoped that users will be able to shape the way decisions are made at Coram’s and speed up raising concerns.

We are completely volunteer run, any people with an interest as users, both organisational or in personal capacity are welcome to join as members and help us grow.

We hope for Coram’s Fields to become once more the best playground in the inner city, one which has truly free play and sport for children of all ages as its complete and only mission.


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